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Podcast Description: Each week we will present and discuss topics ranging from essential mindset skills and habits to fitness, nutrition, and more!

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Season One Episodes:
Part 1 Discovery

First Episode: When The Whole World Is Wrong About Mental Toughness
Second Episode: Why You Must Explicitly Define Your Purpose (If You Want A Better Life)
Third Episode: SMART Goals Are Stupid
Fourth Episode: That A**hole Talking To You Is You


Part 2 Motivation

Fifth Episode: Motivation... It's A Trap
Sixth Episode: Inspirational People Gonna Inspire
Seventh Episode: Weapon of Mass Success: Accountability
Eighth Episode: Self-Discipline is Overrated


Part 3 Mindfulness

Ninth Episode: Gaining Control by Letting Go
Tenth Episode: Gratitude - Freedom From Your 💩 Life
Eleventh Episode: "Fear Leads To Anger" - Yoda: The Emotional Awareness Master


Part 4 Confidence

Twelfth Episode: The Stupid Fish Climbed A Tree

Thirteenth Episode: You Are A Failure... I Hope.

Fourteenth Episode: 3 Things You Need To Build Your Confidence

Fifteenth Episode: 


Part 5 Composure


Part 6 Mental Toughness