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About Return To Fit:
Return To Fit is proud to serve the best community of men and women who have made their health and happiness a priority so that they can be their best in life.
Men and women who
  • are tired of being in pain, consumed by doubt, and struggling with guilt.
  • have decided enough is enough and its time to take action.
  • have put their trust in other programs just to be let down.
  • have decided to take control of their life and believe in the amazing life they can have..
We them become the healthiest versions of themselves. They come to us and they get stronger, become happier, and feel better... and stay that way for life.
Contact Return To Fit:
Return To Fit
Cell: 616-502-1038
Address: 63 Manzana Court NW Apt. 1C, Grand Rapids, MI 49534
Email: coachsabin@returntofit.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/ReturnToFit
The Ugly Truth: My Return To Fit Story

Return To Fit's Promise

Results Guaranteed - An alarming amount of fitness and nutritional professionals won't guarantee results and instead, the customer takes all of the risks. Not at Return To Fit; we guarantee results or your money back.

Honesty & Integrity - The fitness industry gives itself a bad reputation by peddling endless lines of useless info products, supplements, magic pills, gimmicks, and services that come and go year after year making grand statements about their abilities and never backing them up in reality. Their goal: mislead customers and cash in while they can. At Return To Fit, we are dedicated to your success, will always coach with honesty, and will own and correct our mistakes with integrity.

Self-Efficacy & Autonomy - So many companies look to cut corners, take short cuts, an deliver "fast results" without considering what's safe or sustainable; oftentimes leaving the consumer completely dependent on their service or product. At Return To Fit we promise to teach you the skills and habits that will not only get you amazing results, but will allow you to maintain those results, independently, for life.

No Body Left Out - So much of the fitness industry is "fitness for fit people". At Return To Fit, we promise to deliver a service centered around you. Using a combination of a client lead approach and a deep health philosophy, we meet you where you're at and help you improve your health on your terms. From the moment you join us, you'll find acceptance and be met with a compassionate drive to understand and get to know you as a whole person. Just like there is no ideal diet, there is no ideal body type. All body's are beautiful, worthy, and deserving of care. With Return To Fit, no Body is left out.

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Return To Fit
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